Posted by: Cindy Lamb Sterling | June 2, 2011

Me, Upside Down

My very first post or blog or essay or theme paper . . . so excited!  So many ideas!  What tone should I take?  What topic to tackle to grab the first of my soon-to-be-thousands of readers?  The choices were endless, the ideas and dreams the personal stories that would enrich and enlighten  oh so many lives . . . where to begin?

Paid my 25 bucks to be part of WordPress – and keep some of my privacy intact. Read some (not all) of the terms and FAQs and managed to get through domains and URLs and even RSS feeds with only minor loss of grey matter.

Finally.  All set to write!  Writers write, right?  But wait, how about a profile pic . . . someone ominously named GRAVATAR wanted me to add a simple photo and I’d be good to go.  Well, sure, why not?   My readers would soon crave an actual photograph of hulagirl65.  Flew outside (the light was fading)  took about 3 dozen candids with my IPhone.  With tortoise shell glasses?  Without?  Laughing at some of my imaginary guests, looking pensively off toward the hillside, or smoldering and mysterious enough to keep my male readers enchanted but not so sexy as to put off my loyal female followers.   I  found one that caught my elusive yet approachable essence.   Click, drag, select . . .wait, select, delete, what?

As you can see, I am upside down.  Honestly.   I’ve tried about a zillion different ways to crop and rotate and re-send this adorable picture of myself glancing coyly at the dead weeds on my patio pavers.  But you can’t appreciate any of that because the photograph is UPSIDE DOWN!!


P.S. My first “piece” should have been a reflection on my joy and fear at the prospect of bifocal contact lenses.  Actually, just one lens.  But that’s another topic for another day.    Maybe by then, I’ll be right side up.


  1. Hey girl, will look forward to hula-ing with you!

  2. I actually like the upside down pic. I think it gives u originality and keeps it light hearted. You are a great writer! I think this new adventure for you will be very rewarding for you and your readers.

    • LOL – Well I’m glad you like it b/c honestly? I canNOT figure out how to change it!! So it just may stay for awhile . . . and yeah, it does sorta suit me. Thanks for encouragement, Peggy – I know you know this world much better than I . . . which is the subject of my next post, I think! Love, Cindy

  3. That was a fun read! Keep it up and I’ll keep reading.

    • Thanks, Aaron – nice to have the dudes represented here!
      (see what I did there? Didn’t call you sweetie or babyboy ONCE! I’m like a cyber-sleuth . . . whoosh, I’m gone . . .)

  4. You will be a great blogger! For what it’s worth, I read a bunch of blogs, but hulagirl65 is the only one i actually follow. Can’t wait to read more! Hugs to you amd my uncle. =)

    • Well, there it is. Yet another reason that Winifred is – and always will be – my FAVORITE. Now email me the names of these other blogs – I need to see how the pros do it!! Hugs back at ya . . . Cindy

  5. Yeah!!!!! I will be one of your ‘hulagirls’

    I am so excited to follow along…

    Love you…

    • Awww, Holly Anne! Miss you so much and you have ALWAYS been a hulagirl!:-) Love and miss you . . . see ya in cyberspace:-) Cindy

  6. Charming! Loved it upside down or not. Look forward to reading more.

    • Means a LOT coming from a creative girl like you, dear Reese! Boy I could use some of your great photos instead of the stock pic I chose . . . oh here we go again, another crazy scheme! Remember ACR? my oh my . . . good times.
      PS You ought to blog your pictures AND your writing!! I’d subscribe to that! Love, Cindy

  7. So, if you scroll across your picture, it takes a slight turn counterclockwise (what’s that?!), like you’re trying to get right side up!! It’s like you’re a turtle or something!

    • Yes, Dougie. I am, in fact, a turtle. See
      Ter . . .
      Y . . .

  8. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! Perfect Cindy style! Can’t wait to be in each other’s worlds on a daily basis—oh we could get into trouble but at least sure to laugh lots! Blog away my friend! 🙂

    • Karen,
      Enjoy the summer b/c August will be here before we know it . . . Goooo, Lions!!
      Love, Cindy

  9. Cindy,

    I can’t wait to read your blog on a regular basis.


    • Kyle,

      And I can’t wait to write my blog on a regular basis.

      PS You know any tech-heads (aka 9 year olds) who’d like to help a little old lady cross the cyberstreet?

  10. Cindy, Cindy, Cindy…..
    You know maybe it was the four beers I had but I didn’t even notice your picture was upside down. Love your Blog. Very 21st century of you to do something like this. Can’t wait to read the next one.

    • Jane Jane Jane . . . once you sober up, you oughta try it! Or maybe you already do? (blog, I mean) Thanks, Cindy

  11. Ha ha ha! Excellent job of being you! Please write about bifocals. I love it! Keep writing!

    • Oh, Karla. You remind me of Charlotte in Charlotte’s Web. A true friend and a good writer. Thanks, Wilbur

    • Oh, Karla. You remind me of Charlotte in Charlotte’s Web. A true friend and a good writer. Thanks, Wilbur

  12. I am so excited about this project! You are an inspiration to all Mom’s of talented young people and such a talent yourself. I will wait daily for your updates and look forward to all the good advice for us “not so young” but younger moms and women! Bless you for your bravery.

    • Thanks, Cara! I can’t imagine you’d have five minutes to read anything at all these days . . . but I’m so glad you did! As for bravery? Way too big a word. Advice? Maybe, but only sparingly. And daily? We’ll see if I can figure out the HOW of all this and then remember they WHY of all this! Love, Cindy

  13. You go girl! You’re a great writer and such a nut- I know it will be great. Don’t know what to say about how to fix the upside down picture but it gives the site character, right? Hope you’re having a wonderful summer. Man, I think we earned it this year!

    • It may or may not be great but it will be GREAT fun and GREAT therapy . . . I’ve waited too long to pick up my pen. And you well know that a pen in my hands does not make for anything one can actually READ:-) So, look out blogosphere! If Mrs. Sterling can learn how you work, maaaaaybe she can learn how a VCR remote works, huh? Happy Summer, Laura, we DID earn it!

  14. Yay Cindy. Blog away.. Upside down or backwards.. We will read it and follow.. Thanks for sharing your inner thoughts with us all! Xxlaurel

    • Wow. Everybody should do this for the endorphin rush of self-esteem it brings! Oh, SweetLaurel, THANK YOU!

    • Wow. Everybody should do this for the endorphin rush of self-esteem it brings! Oh, SweetLaurel, THANK YOU!

  15. I am still laughing……..I admire your bravery, going out into this mystery internet space and sharing your words! Good Luck!

    • A nice comment AND you subscribed?! Wow, I am humbled and proud at the same time. Is that possible? THANK YOU! Love, Cindy

  16. Dearest Westerly Friend,

    Love that you have entered the blogesphere in a Roald Dahlian manner. Apropos n’cest pas? As a now loyal follower and subscriber, prithee tell about the landscape photo so prominently displayed on your blog? With breathless anticipation of your next pearls of excellence I remain your humble servant.

    • Gina Gina bo Bina,
      You are partly to blame (credit) for this foray into cyberwriting . . . our long ago emails back and forth? I just wanted to WRITE again. The format of a blog seemed to fit my short attention span and wide variety of interests.
      As to the gorgeous landscape? It’s stock. I have NO idea how to add photos – DUH!?!? – but chose that one b/c it does remind me of the hillsides of Hawaii. It could be Bora Bora for all I know . . . This part will take T I M E.
      As to the comparison to Roald Dahl? I’ll take it but oh my, that’s high praise and certainly undeserved. That will ALSO take some T I M E.
      CyberKisses in an Easterly Direction, always,

  17. I only wish I could write my response upside down…one of the benefits of handwriting as opposed to keyboarding! Oh well. You never cease to amaze me Aunt Cindy (which you will always be to me)
    Excited about this new endeavor!!!!!!

    • Elyse . . . I still have my Cleopatra Action Figure on my desk! Thanks for the encouragement . . . and I hate my handwriting so this works out very well for me. Miss you and soooo proud of all the great things happening at NPL – the Puppet Festival must have a been a HUGE hit!!! Love always, ACR to you:-)

  18. You Rock Fancy!! Glad you are sharing yourself with the world!

    • Chryssstchalll!! I love that your read my first blog entry! Please don’t get out the red pencil . . .Happy Summer, Fancy

  19. What a great way to start my day! Thanks for the laugh. It is a very cute upside down picture.

    • Who knew that Upside Down was my best side? Oh well, live and learn and write . . . thanks for reading, “the other Laura”:-) Love, Cindy

  20. I laughed, I cried, I googled GRAVATAR. Great first post, I shall look forward to more!! 🙂

    • You did not cry . . . but thanks for googling GRAVATAR. He’s kind of a big deal at WordPress I think . . . Love, Cindy PS I really will buy your lunch if you’ll show me what the heck I’m doing wrong!?!

      • You look like you’ve got the hang of it pretty well. I may be able to tap Scott for some tricks – he just recently set up a WordPress site himself and it has all the bells and whistles. I’m here for consultation–let’s have a laptop lunch soon!

      • I would LOVE Scott’s help, YOUR help, any HUMAN at all with knowledge and a friendly tone will be much appreciated!

      • I would LOVE Scott’s help, YOUR help, any HUMAN at all with knowledge and a friendly tone will be much appreciated!

  21. The upside down is really your rightside up….don’t change it as it is soooo you! Cannot wait to read more….

    • THANK YOU ! Never dreamed I’d really get a reader on day one! But tag, you’re it! And unless we’re cousins . . . thanks a LOT!! I’ll try to keep it interesting and fun . . . thanks again,Cindy

  22. you are made of awesome! I will be your first loyal blog follower!

    • Aw Kay, you could make me cry! This is gonna be fun, hope I can really become a better writer and good GRIEF a better tech-head . . . the latter will be hard for sure. The former? Who’s to say. Love you, And thanks, I mean it!! Cindy

  23. Thanks for a fun, first day of blogging! My facebook and email friends are supportive . . . be patient and I’ll try to make this worth your time.

    Hoping to learn a lot about the brave new techie-world, and soon!


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