Who is HulaGirl65?

Who IS HulaGirl65?

Well, she is NOT a Hawaiian SuperHero.  And she’s not 65 years old (or young).  And she will now stop referring to herself in the third person.

I’m a writer.  And . . . a singer, a reader, a library assistant, a hula dancer and a former professional puppeteer.  Marionettes, no less!

I’m a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, and a grandmother.  I’m a dear friend to a few, a good friend to many, and a quirky pain in the butt to many others.

I do not take myself too seriously.   Tragedy, despair and loss will always be part of the human experience.  It’s the people who laugh at the ridiculousness of it all that I love the most.

The family I was born into – my father, mother and only sibling, my brother – are all gone.  Their absence in my life makes for a peculiar kind of loneliness.

God‘s grace and mercy is sweeter to me than Blue Bell Ice Cream.

I’m a writer.   I’ll write what I know.

Thanks for being a reader,

Cindy Lamb Sterling


  1. Hi, aren’t you talented! Great to have one like you here. Keep writing.
    PS- Thank you so much for putting me up on the blogroll. I hope I do justice to it with the future posts. I am working on my blogroll too, will come up with it soon

  2. Hi there. Thanks for visiting my Blog. Harry the Handyman is the one to ask any technical questions. I’m hopeless on the topic. I’m going to try and add you to my blogroll because I like you take on things which is very close to mine I suspect

  3. Hi hulagirl, i have been here before, i noticed you have link’s in your post’s which are not live, here is how to do it.

    In the visual editor, you write the text you want, highlight it, click the Link icon (row 1, icon 10), paste the URL in the box that opens, select Target “Open link in a new window”,* click Insert, click Save.

    it may not be 10 in your blog, if you want to know anything get in touch. i would make you friend’s name’s live

    • Yea! Tech-Support!! Thank you thank you thank you and oh what timing? I was literally trying to figure out how to add a few more blogs to my blogroll and wasn’t even aware that they weren’t “live. I’ll read your post (and re-read it, no doubt) If I still have trouble (likely!) will contact you directly . . .

      Thanks so much for stopping by and being a Good Samaritan, too . . . I’ll be sure to check out your blog as well – Aloha, Cindy

  4. Hey Cindy! Well, since you asked…
    I like… sunsets, a baby’s soft skin, cool cotton t-shirts, my mother’s hands, silly laughter, funny friends, simple food, most music (especially 80s), flowering baskets, shade trees, watermelon….

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